Role: Organizational Development Specialist

Location: Huntsville, AL

Degree Requirements: BS Degree in Organization Development or Organization Behavior or related field. MS Degree in Organization Development or Organization Behavior or related field desired.

Years Of Experience: 5-10 years experience in Organizational Development/Organization Behavior or related field.

Skill Requirements: Organization Development certificate preferred. Focus on Change Management desired. Assist in identifying, and clarifying complex issues. Develop clear solutions that will help clients succeed. Conduct assessments, develop insights, conduct independent analysis, ensure assignment progress, develop conclusions, recommend actions, write reports, and provide execution consultation as required as a member of NASA-client teams. Assist with constructing the analytical framework and work steps for the change management process.

Provide change management and organization development consulting services for internal clients at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

Research, design and develop tools and programs to help accelerate organizational performance and ensure alignment with methodologies selected by the NASA customer. Support includes Organization Development Consulting to identify strategies to achieve organizational and team effectiveness….more at web site