Job Position: Chief Technology Officer

Job Location: San Mateo, CA


Organization: C3
Job Industry: Industry - Energy/Utilities
Job Function: Function - Technology
Job Level: Level - Executive Level
Job Region: Region - West Coast (CA,HI)

Job Description:

C3 CTO (Chief Technology Officer) (Chief Strategy Officer)This is a
senior-executive position and reports directly to the
CEO of C3.

The CTO will be an established, recognized global leader with
executive-level business, political and/or scientific expertise
in all aspects of:
- Existing and emerging global energy standards and policies
- Sustainability and renewable energy issues: policy,
availability, cost
- GHG emissions: measurement, reduction, reporting, validation,
- All facets of the carbon ecosystem: measurement, abatement,
monetization, etc.
- Current and emerging, global organizational response to
reducing C02 emissions, both mandatory and voluntary
- Impact of GHG reduction pressures from investors and customers
- The application of information and communication technology to
abate GHG emissions

The candidate will have hands-on expertise in global energy
policy, GHG emissions and carbon management issues. The
candidate will be connected to the leading influencers of
energy policy, energy policy makers themselves, and
organizational decision makers who are responsible for their
strategic response to policy, investor and customer pressure to
reduce energy costs, foster environmental sustainability and
abate greenhouse gases.

The candidate will be the energy/GHG/sustainability domain
expert at C3 and will help define the corporate and product
direction of the company by communicating policies, standards,
and customer requirements to the C3 products organization which
will translate them into product deliverables. Over time, the
candidate will build a team of industry experts.

The candidate will have a proven track record of assisting
global corporations in their financial and technology
evaluation, as well as their implementation of carbon footprint
reduction strategies.

The candidate will be a spokesperson for the company,
testifying on policy issues; will speak at energy and
sustainability forums worldwide; and will brief customers,
prospects, and industry analysts. A thought leader, the
candidate will author an integrated family of communications
and educational vehicles to introduce “best practices” to
organizations in their efforts to monitor, mitigate, and
monetize their carbon footprint.

The candidate will be able to command a presence and engage
prospective alliance partners and customers at the Board and
CXO-level to assist them in their strategic planning and their
application of information and communication technology to the
problems of carbon abatement and carbon trading.


Pat House, CEO C3
1820 Gateway Drive, Suite 250
San Mateo, CA 94404
650.403.2060, x 105