You can directly list your job postings by opening a free account.

After creating the account you can immediately start posting your jobs for free.

You can format your post to your liking using (subject to guidelines as described below) the quicktags provided above the editing area, ensuring better visibility of your postings.
For details on editing capabilities refer to this document.

You can submit any number of job posts. All your post pages are automatically SEO optimized to ensure maximum exposure for your job listings. The posts will be highlighted on the front page for about a week from publication date.

Guidelines for posting

  1. No URL’s should be posted or hyperlinked.
  2. Email address must not be hyper linked. This prevents spamming of the posted address. Cloaking of the email address is encouraged. For example manager@example.com may be written as manager<filler/>@<filler/>example<filler/>.<filler/>com. This will appear in the final posting as manager@example.com. However it will have the benefit of making the address unrecognizable to email spammers. The <filler/> doesn’t show up in the browser.
  3. Contact information must be provided at the very end of job posting.
  4. Somewhere around the middle of your post a more tag (using the quicktags button) must be inserted and definitely before the contact information.
  5. Information about the recruiting companies are strongly discouraged and will be removed. We want to present high quality job listings only to the potential employees. This website must not be used as an advertising forum for recuiters. You can provide your contact information (email, phone, fax and snail mail address only) at the end so they can know more about your services directly from you.
  6. Do not provide any Page Password. Setting a page password will make your post inaccessible to the users of this site (except for those who know the password).
  7. Send trackbacks to: field should not normally be set. Providing your email in the trackback field doesn’t have any effect. It is only useful if you have a blog/weblog and you want to trackback this listing on a particular post of your blog. Effectively it just adds a comment to your blog entry.

Note: All posts will be approved by our team. Normally the posts are approved within two business days.

High volume posters or those in a rush may request immediate posting privilege at hotjobs@taragana.net.

No notification will be provided when the job is posted. However when you login you will no longer find the job in draft status.

Suggestions for better exposure of your job listings

1. You can schedule when the job will appear on the site. You may want to target early morning, during lunch or late afternoon Pacific Standard Time for greatest exposure. When your job appears on the site several servers are simultaneously pinged about your posting.

If you have several job listings you may want to post them timed at certain intervals, maybe say 5 per day. That will ensure higher visibility of your postings.

Note: To schedule a job to appear from a particular time (onwards) you check (in Advanced Section below on the posting screen) Edit Timestamp and change the date or time from the default (which is current date and time).

2. You may want to highlight certain keywords using bold or italics (just select the word or phrase and click on appropriate quicktag from the quicktag menu) to attract your visitors. Normally when we post we put the Job description at the job and mark it in bold.

Alternatively if you are uncomfortable posting it directly yourself then you can always email it to us at hotjobs@taragana.net

Personally I encourage you to try to use the web based system described above for better visibility and control over your job postings.