Role: File Systems Performance Eng (development).

Job Summary:
As a Software Engineer you will work as part of a team responsible for actively participating in driving product development and strategy. In addition, you will participate in activities that include testing and debugging of operating systems that run NetApp storage applications. As part of the Research and Development function, the overall focus of the
group is on competitive market and customer requirements, technology advances, product quality, product cost and time-to-market. Software engineers focus on enhancements to existing products as well as new product development.

Functions In Detail: - A major part of your responsibility will be to participate in any and/or all phases of the product development cycle from product definition and design, through implementation including:
- Testing
- Test automation
- Debugging
- Reliability
- Performance analysis
- Critical and/or high visibility customer support
- As part of a team, you will lead and participate in technical discussions within the immediate group and across functions, where evaluating and executing design and development plans for products are reviewed.
- You will have direct influence on the decisions and outcomes related to project direction.

o The tasks this individual is responsible for are often unstructured, and the issues addressed are less defined requiring new perspectives and creative approaches. Goals are often clear, but the means to reach the goal are rarely known in advance. One must be able to plot his/her own course of actions.
o This individual will apply attained experiences and knowledge in solving problems that are complex in scope requiring in-depth evaluation.
o Demonstrate good judgment in solving problems as well as identifying problems in advance, and proposing solutions.

o A strong interest for performance improvement work.
o Experience in software design and development.
o Strong C Skills.
o Ability to work collaboratively within a team environment and demonstrate strong influencing and leadership skills.
o Strong verbal and written communication skills.
o A strong understanding of complex concepts related to computer architecture, data structures and programming practices.
o Ability to develop longer-range project plans and schedules for individual or work for a small team.