Position: Clustrix SF. Ca seeks Sr. SW Engineer strong in OS/internals/Kernel/socket C/C++

Location: S.F. Ca


At Clustrix based in S.F. Ca, we are building the next generation of
high performance, super scalable, distributed, Enterprise database
systems. We have tremendous customer support and outstanding Venture
Capital backing. Our staff is comprised of experts with decades of
experience in directly relevant fields and we are always looking for
outstanding people who can add to our strength.

We have no pre-defined roles to cram you into, no repetitive tasks,
just some really hard problems to solve and the drive to win. Clustrix
is an early stage startup; you’ll wear many hats here and have
opportunity to grow more than you believed possible.

-Prefer BSCS/BSEE with 5+ years of software development experience

-Strong in C/C++ with expertise in Linux/Unix OS

-Experience working with both small and large firms

-Highly experienced in the SDLC of products

Ideal experience would be in one or more of the following:

OS development, database design, file systems, low level networking

-Superb track record of success and desire to truly make a difference
in the software market

Systems Design and Implementation

Distributed Group Membership and Reliable Communication
Distributed Concurrency Control and Transaction Management (2PL, MVCC,
Distributed Lock Management and Distributed Deadlock Detection
Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems
High Concurrency B-Tree Implementation

Database Query Processing/Optimization and Language Design

Distributed Query Planning and Optimization
Design and Implementation of Rule Based Languages (Prolog/Datalog)
Compiler Design, Implementation, and Optimization
SQL Parser Implementation

Network Protocol Design and Implementation

Design and Development of High-Performance Protocol Stacks
Experience with Asynchronous Programming models
Experience with High-Speed Interconnects (e.g. Infiniband)

Additionally, any experience in the following areas is highly desirable:

File System Development
Unix/Linux/BSD Kernel and Systems Development
Large Scale Systems Architecture and Implementation

you must be a self-starter, team-player, motivated and inquisitive.
You’ve been improving your skills on and off the clock for years. You
avoid web 2.0 products and actively seek challenging assignments. You
have a passion for testing, breaking and discovery. Take advantage of
this outstanding opportunity NOW! We have built an outstanding
leadership technical team, we are funded by top tier VC, and we intend
on leading the product category of distributed infrastructure
products. Our “secret source” will enable us to serve such industries
as finance, Web 2.0, research, and the military to name a few. We
offer highly lucrative equity package plus competitive salary. Please
send your information to herbnj AT gmail DOT com