Position: Building the engineering team for my company

We are still a “garage” company at this moment. However, I am recruiting top engineers who can join my company as soon as we close the financing. I intend to have a small elite team in Silicon Valley to develop a disruptive bioanalytical system. My goal is to make this company the “Apple’ of the bioanalytical industry.

1. Director or above level engineering manager who can supervise a small group of engineers for product development
- Prior experience with bioanalytical or in-vitro diagnostic systems
- People skill as well as technically hands-on
- Good judgement and decision making ability
- Ability to work with different funtional groups to solve problems

2. Sr. software engineer
- Architect level expertise
- Familiar with high-level man-machine interface as well as low-level programming
- A team player as well as a technical lead
- A good listener who can work with marketing, biochemists, and customers
- Biotech background is not necessary

3. Sr. electrical engineer
- Broad knowledge base including instrumentation
- System integration as well as board level design and trouble-shoot
- Some programming skills
- Biotech background is not necessary

4. Sr. mechanical engineer
- System level understanding of instrumentation and automation
- Familiar with design and manufacturing options
- Hands-on and leadership
- Biotech background is not necessary but preferred

5. Sr. optic system engineer
- Familiar with bioanalytical optics
- Creative and practical
- Hands on with good trouble shooting capability
- Real product experience

If you have the skills or think of a good candidate, please forward a brief bio to me.
Please reply directly to Hong Tan
Buster Maness
hong.tan AT gmail DOT com