Position: Sr. Systems Administrator / System Engineer

Location: Salt Lake City

Job Description/Scope:

The candidate will be a member of a team dedicated to
the development and use of a large historical data repository (HDR) and a
large administrative data repository (ADR).

HDR will serve as the authoritative data store for clinical data from all
VistA sites. Healthcare providers will use it to facilitate longitudinal
patient-centric care, storing patient-centric clinical data in a computable
format that can be used by other applications for analytical purposes. HDR

- Serve as a primary source for patients’ legal medical records

- Enable generation of clinical reports based on the entire clinical
holdings of the VA

- Serve as a platform for new and reengineered HeV applications

- Serve as a platform for patient self-access to medical records

- Support standardization among DoD and other government and private
industry clinical databases through the creation of a standards-based

ADR is envisioned as an enterprise-level transactional database that forms
the core of several VA administrative and policy-related applications, such
as identity management, data quality, demographics, and eligibility and
enrollment for all enumerated persons. ADR will provide an authoritative
data store for shared administrative, demographic, and eligibility
information. ADR/HDR DMI will transform and load legacy and partial MPI
data into ADR.

Candidate will perform the full range of System Administration duties as
necessary to support software development, SQA and UAT systems including
installation and maintenance of hardware, system and application software;
LAN connectivity, communication and collaboration with stakeholders;
documentation of procedure, configurations, etc. Where such systems touch
upon/interface to other VA IT systems, the Contractor shall ensure that
coordination with VA operations staff (under OI&T Operations and Management) is negotiated and documented. The candidate will provide documentation that details the system overview; planned and implemented changes, enhancements and expansions; system administration procedures and configurations; risk mitigation; testing results, performance and capacity metrics, and system relevant licensing. The candidates may:

- Be involved in analyses and the investigation of related
applications engineering tasks and prepares design specifications, analysis,
and recommendations.

- Ensure the compliance of customer standards; also ensure that
contractual deliverables assigned are reviewed for completeness and
completed on time.

- Work closely with other teams, support organizations, program and
product management, security, DBAs, and Infrastructure.

- Interact with senior management and other engineers. Interaction
normally involves matters between functional and technical areas.

Required Education/Skills:

Bachelor’s degree and 10+ years of IT experience
and 6+ years of systems administration in a an environment similar to the
Repositories Program proven experience in systems administration supporting
large software development initiatives that are similar in scope and
complexity to the VA’s HealtheVet-VistA initiative. Requires knowledge of
environments with Oracle 10g and Cache. Experience in large scale
development environment involving complex clinical systems. Candidate also
MUST meet eligibility requirements for obtaining US ADP2 security clearance.
The candidate must have demonstrated experience to:

- Document the System Administration support structure, contact points, a description of the roles, responsibilities and duties of each team member; including designation of primary and backup system administration support for each system or service.

- Define and document a system administration plan that details recommended changes to improve systems and network configurations;
determines hardware or software requirements related to such changes;
provides technical oversight and guidance for all software development
systems and infrastructure, including servers, power, ventilation, equipment
location, preventive maintenance and physical security.

- Prepare system plans detailing the design and integration of
systems, and ensuring compatibility with existing systems and network
infrastructure and contribute to operational efficiencies.

- Define and document the characteristics of assigned software
development, SQA and UAT systems, providing context diagrams, flow charts,
etc. which depict system components, interfaces and relationships between
those systems and with external systems (e.g. the LAN/WAN, national
databases, production systems, etc.).

- Define and comprehensively document System Administration
procedures that address system initialization, maintenance, backups,
monitoring, troubleshooting, auditing, quality control, metrics recording
and exception resolution. Ensure that all such documentation is compliant
with documentation needed to ensure meeting the requirements for securing an Authority to Operate (ATO) per VA security policy.

- Define and maintain documentation of configurations, settings,
technical adjustments relative to the set up and initial operation of the
servers and services. Prepare and maintain documentation to be appended and revised as settings and services change.

- Document the results of testing, analysis and evaluation relative
to system additions, enhancements, revisions and repairs including the
evaluation of new hardware, software, version upgrades, etc.

- Define and maintain an inventory of all current hardware and
software licenses and support contracts for assigned systems including
licensed component, vendor, effective dates, etc.

- Create and maintain documentation of performance and capacity
testing, monitoring and evaluation including information about system
additions, enhancements, revisions and usage changes that have impacted
performance and capacity.

- Perform the initialization of hardware and software components
including servers, switches, filters, operating systems, applications,
installation, monitoring and troubleshooting utilities, etc. necessary for
the expansion, enhancement or revision of software development, SQA and UAT systems.

- Engage system stakeholders as appropriate to determine needs and
requirements, evaluate impacts, collaborate and notify affected parties
regarding the initialization of hardware components, software applications
and version upgrades.

- Perform thorough testing of servers, switches, system applications,
version upgrades, monitoring utilities, etc. in a non-production environment
prior to implementation in a production environment (i.e. the assigned
software development, SQA and UAT systems).

- Perform the installation and configuration of new hardware and software. Installation activities shall accommodate initial setup, configuration and tuning necessary for steady operation of the system component; adjustments to configurations of other affected system components; debugging; compliance with current hardware and software licenses and revisions necessary to meet the integrated systems objectives.

- Implement system component initialization in a manner that allows
system changes to be backed out and original configurations restored should
it become necessary.

Desired skills:

Understanding or experience of software development and integration processes, in environments including CMMi/SEI methodologies. Experience or strong familiarity with Rational tools. Prior experience programming with Java, JDBC and WebLogic. Familiarity or experience with Primavera Team Play. Advanced degree in related technical field desired. Experience with clinical systems. Knowledge or understanding of Agile development practices and test-driven development. Good working knowledge of VA’s applications. For senior positions priority candidates should have 5 or more years experience as a BEA WebLogic System Administrator, 10 or more years as a Systems Admininstrator in HP-UX and Linux, preferrably RedHat Enterprise Linux, 10 + years designing and implementing client/server backend system integrations. Candidate should be able to work with in a very dynamic team to achieve the results of the client.

Contact Information:

Mike Maxon
Operations Manager
Office 714-536-3364
Mike DOT Maxon AT Heritageglobalsolutions DOT com
19042 Tanglewood Lane Huntington Beach Ca 92648