Position: Linux C/C++ engineer
Location: NYC/Chicago
US/Canada/Mexico Citizens and US Permanent Residents only
We are a 20 year old company (<300 people) with offices in NYC/Chicago. We are setting up a research and development group in our NYC offices to work on the next generation of our distributed platform (hip folks call it “grid” or “cloud” these days).  The work involves distributed systems, networking, filesystems in C/C++ with some Python/Perl. We would like to use as many open source components as possible and to try and contribute back to them.

We are looking to hire good Linux C/C++ engineers who have:

- A very strong grasp of the fundamental of CS i.e. data structures, algorithms, networking and operating systems

- Fluency in C/C++, STL, multithreading, shared memory, ipc the rest of the Unix systems programming toolset
- A good understanding of distributed systems and parallel programming
- Worked with open source software and ideally have contributed code to those projects
- Spent at least 3-5 years engineering solutions and writing code in academia or industry

In return we offer:
- Competitive salaries and generous performance driven bonuses (20-50%) + Full benefits
- Intellectual freedom and creativity to come up with your solutions
- Access to cool hardware and tons of hard problems to solve
- Avenues to learn and deploy new technologies and upturn the industry paradigms

The ideal candidate will also have:
- High intelligence and a love of learning and knowledge
- A self effacing humility about the limitations of your knowledge and want to expand them
- The desire to design complete solutions from the network topology to the hardware configuration to the class hierarchy
- An appreciation for a collaborative atmosphere and colleagues who can challenge him
- An itch to write elegant code and engineer beautiful solutions
- A love of all things geek

If this opportunity interests you then respond with your resume (txt/pdf only, please no doc files!) and a short cover letter to qedhiring AT gmail DOT com.

US/Canada/Mexico Citizens and US Permanent Residents only.