Position: Interaction Designer and Application Developer

Location: Mtn View, CA


Rod Asher & Associates is conducting a search for a exciting company
located in Mountain View. This is a very exciting company that will change
the way people use their computers.

The company’s founders are seasoned executives and have served at other
successful companies.

They are presently looking for a interactive designer and a few software
developers to build their exciting new user Interface and expand their
application functionality.

More information about the two positions below:

Interaction Designer

Our Design team is responsible for the visual, interaction, and web design
of ‘our killer application - We give people the freedom to customize their
networks at every turn, making our design challenges unique, interesting,
and complex. From choosing and tweaking themes with a GUI editor to adding
custom CSS to editing the PHP code of our application; our Design team
rapidly iterates a complex set of interfaces based on both qualitative and
quantitative feedback.


Build your own designs in production-level, standards-based XHTML and CSS.
Design user interfaces and flows that are intuitive and easy to use.
Work with our team of Product Managers and Engineers to brain- storm ideas.
Take that idea and turn it into a detailed wireframe specification or basic
mockup that can then, if necessary, be refined in collaboration with a
graphic designer.


Proven experience with designing user interfaces and flows that are
intuitive and easy to use.
Proven experience creating production-quality, standards-based XHTML and

Basic Javascript skills also desired.

You can take a wireframe and turn it into production-level XHTML and CSS
that developers can build on, but you can also recognize when more in-depth
graphic design is required that you can’t provide.
You live and die with your tools.

Basic understanding of development processes and tools. In the past, you
have used tools such as version control and you don’t need to be convinced
they’re a necessary evil. Code doesn’t scare you. You can whip up a page in
PHP, Ruby, or Python to show how a flow should work, or you can use basic
Javascript to mockup dynamic behaviors in a page. Curiosity. You’ve already
created a social network and will bring great technical and operations
related questions to the interview process.

Application Developer


Our Application Developer group is a small, flat organization populated with
people who are passionate about creating beautiful software used by millions
of people in their daily lives. We use PHP and Javascript on top of our
Platform APIs to deliver an extremely friendly and infinitely customizable
experience to Network Creators.


Play a key role in designing and executing new features on our Application.
Projects may include work on photo sharing, video sharing, discussions,
blogging, events, applications, and wikis features as well as new features
Work in rapid 2-4 week development cycles.
Collaborate closely with design and product management to ensure that the
feature achieves the goals laid out for it.


BS/MS in CS or equivalent experience.
Experience with PHP, AJAX, and HTML/CSS.
Java or C++ or object oriented design experience.
Experience programming scalable web applications.
Knowledge of web services, and agile development methodologies desired.
Know your way around Flash.
Curiosity. You have lots of technical questions for us.

Please call us for more details or if you would like to speak with our
800-722-1030 or 425-646-1030.