Role: PHP Web Developer


* 2+ years experience with PHP.
* Experience with service oriented architecture (JSON and XML).
* CSS and Java Script knowledge is required.
* Ability to suggest creative solutions to product iterations.
* Must be able to meet long and short term project deadlines.
* Definitely have a sense of humor.
* Knowledge of MySQL required.
* Experience w/ MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture is ideal.
* Experience with semantic markup (micro formats) and Query is

Job Details:

* Writing standards-compliant complex CSS2 and some CSS3, XHTML and Java Script.
* Developing production-level code as well as proof-of-concepts and prototypes.
* Creating work that is fully cross browser compliant.
* Taking ownership of individual projects and collaborating on parallel projects.
* Working primarily with PHP, CSS, Java Script, AJAX and procedural and object-oriented design, dynamic content retrieval, performance optimization techniques, unit testing techniques, debugging techniques,state management, HTTP, and Apache.

please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume and cover letter describing why you are the best candidate to