Position: Senior Program Manager
Location: Accra, Ghana

This is your opportunity to do something totally different, make an impact in the global community and be responsible for developing the future software entrepreneurs from Africa.

As a Senior Faculty member at an Entrepreneurial School of Technology, based in Accra, Ghana, you will be responsible for training and developing a class of 20-30 graduates to become successful software entrepreneurs who will compete in the global market space. Over a period of two years, you will also be a key contributor in further establishing the training institute in Ghana and will be a critical force in developing Africa’s technology generation.

You will work alongside and in collaboration with other Senior Faculty, as well as teaching assistants recruited from top international universities.

Our vision is to transfer knowledge and resources to young people with great potential so they will become trailblazers in the software industry in Africa. Based in an area of the world carefully chosen for maximum impact, the mission is to train and develop young African entrepreneurs to become future players in the global information technology industry.

This is a post-graduate program for a select group of some of Africa’s highest potential students, all with undergraduate degrees and a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. The end goal is to equip these trainees with the tools and confidence to start their own software companies, generating jobs and wealth locally.
Our Requirements

Essential attributes:
- A belief in social change and a passion for mentoring/developing young people.
- Charisma and enthusiasm, ability to set the tone for an exciting learning atmosphere.
- Excellent communication skills and fluency in English.
- Curiosity and interest in doing something different, with the ability to commit to a two year contract in Accra, Ghana.

We are looking for individuals who can:
- Take the responsibility to develop the future software entrepreneurs from Ghana, acting as a positive role model where excellent management and mentoring skills are crucial
- Motivate and inspire small teams of entrepreneurs-in-training in completing software development projects by creating a positive and dynamic learning environment.
- Manage a small staff of junior teaching assistants, who will assist in delivering lecture and lab material.- Develop and manage a business and technology curriculum that includes current trends and best practices in software development and elements required for a comprehensive business plan.
- Coach entrepreneurs-in-training in developing their critical thinking abilities and strengthening their interpersonal and communication skills.
- Create and deliver lectures; think out-of-the box and be creative in ways to effectively teach software development using interactive methods, rather than strict text-book style in order to encourage independent thinking.
- Analyze project deliverables, conduct performance evaluations and give constructive feedback.
- Introduce trainees to the latest business practices in the global market.

We are looking for individuals who have:
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or closely related field, or in Business or Entrepreneurship (Master’s, Ph.D. a plus)
- 10 or more years of technology/business working experience; 5 or more years of developing or managing web development and or/mobile projects using recent technologies.- Hands-on programming experience and familiarity with several programming languages, open source software, databases & web architecture.
- Broad knowledge of SDLC and proven track record of successfully delivering software projects.
- Excellent business knowledge, ranging from principles of management to writing business plans.
- Proven ability to lead, direct and motivate development teams.

- Experience in an entrepreneurial start-up or in launching a new product.- Experience with mobile technologies.- Previous teaching experience at the college level or corporate training experience.

Keys to Success:
Your technical knowledge is important, but what will make you a true success is the level of passion and commitment you bring to the enterprise.

Also critical are your:
- Compassion and empathy necessary to transcend cultural differences.- Drive and stamina to set goals and reach those goals in the face of challenges.- Collaborative approach and willingness to be a “team player”.- Effective training & mentoring skills and charismatic presence.- Sense of humor and the ability to foster a fun environment.

This is an unusual position for someone that wants to teach technology in Accra, Ghana