Position: Storage White Box QA Test Engineer

Location: San Jose, CA


The Senior Storage Software Engineer will be responsible for architecting
“white box/glass box” test case designs, doing test case development, test
automation and test execution for verification of storage subsystem
controllers and enclosures.

Areas to be tested include product Firmware, File System software, disk
management, enclosure management, controller failover, I/O path and
SAN/Fabric system management functions.

This person must have prior experience implementing white box testing
strategies, using a variety of different methodologies including Path
testing, Predicate coverage, Statement coverage, Method Coverage, Condition
Coverage, Equivalence Partitioning/Boundary Value Analysis, and
Control-flow/Coverage testing.

The individual should also be proficient at developing and using driver code
and stubs to accomplish this testing.

The Senior Storage Software Engineer will be responsible for:

- Partnering with development engineers on unit level testing to learn the
source code and functions within the various code modules to derive a proper white box testing suite for the modules.

- Implementing coverage monitoring tools so the testing can provide data and reports on code coverage metrics.

- Implementing tools for developing DD-Path program graphs to capture the internal structure of the code module.

Then, taking the lead in designing white box test cases for the module
directly related to the program graph, using different coverage criteria
such as path coverage, predicate coverage, statement coverage, loop
coverage, and data flow testing.

- Automating white box test cases wherever possible.

- Analyzing & critiquing software and firmware module architectures and
coding designs.

- Defining requirements for fault injection test points and bugged hardware.

- Developing unit test and verification test plans, test metrics, and test

- Participating in test execution and providing timely test results and test

- Working with development teams on problem investigation and bug triage
efforts to resolve issues found during Verification testing

- Working with Storage partners to resolve problems found in their code

Education and Experience:

- A minimum of 8 years of experience is required.

- A Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer
Science, a Master Degree, or a PhD; or equivalent experience is required.

- Demonstrated ability to have completed multiple, complex technical

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