Position: Compiler Developer
Location: Milpitas, CA

We need an intelligent, self starting engineer with a strong
algorithms background and an interest in designing and implementing
compilers for non-traditional architectures.

We’re looking for someone with
- Strong C/C++, STL development experience.
- Strong background in algorithms and techniques commonly used in
compiler development
(tree walking, tree transformations, lexer/parser generators).
- Ability to digest a large code base essential.
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or
- Some development experience with a production compiler a big plus.
- Track record of test-centric development a plus.
- Knowledge of internals of linkers, code generators, assemblers a
- Knowledge of SSA and other non-traditional optimization strategies
a big plus.
- Knowledge of Python or equivalent scripting language (e.g. Ruby,
Perl) a plus.
- Background with languages with non-traditional paradigms a plus
(Haskell, O’Caml, Lisp, APL, Forth, Icon, data flow languages)
- Background with hardware HDLs a plus (Verilog, VHDL, System C)

Doug Perry
doug DOT perry AT elementcxi DOT com