Position: Sr. SQL Sever DBA
Base + Bonus - Excellent total package
Local Candidates Only
Location: Boston, MA Area


Mid-Sized, successful, and growing Boston based global investment management
company - Great Company - Lots of Upside - Excellent Compensation Package -

Position Responsibilities - Summary:

The Database Administration and architecture team is responsible for
supporting and architecture of a global SQL environment. Responsibilities
would encompass day-to-day administration, daily maintenance and
optimization tasks and assisting developers in the creation of new
databases. The team also provides support to all vendor and packaged
applications that use SQL server as a backend.

Reporting to the Manager of Database and Architect, this senior level DBA
would assist in providing world class support and leadership to our
developers, application support and business teams.

Position Responsibilities - Detailed:

- Manage a production environment consisting of 300+ databases, and
30 production SQL Server’s, most of which are read-intensive databases with
a large data load cycle while some are OLTP-based mission critical trading
- Spearhead the restructuring and management of the production
level backup and restore processes
- Manage HA solutions such as MS Cluster Server, XOSoft, PolyServe,
SQL Replication, etc
- Manage DR solutions such as Database Mirroring, Log Shipping,
Double-Take GeoCluster, SQL Replication
- Assist in the development of a GDOC (Global Database Operations
Center) where our systems will be continuously monitored via 3rd party
products, in-house scripts and a operational dashboard
- Manage the database security models, both in-house developed as
well as Windows Auth (AD) based security. Also develop policies to restrict
over-privileging and enforce it
- Provide 24×7 support to all mission critical production level
- Develop custom scripts to automate various database management
processes (e.g. programmatically searching for non-indexed tables)
- Leverage 3rd party tools (e.g. Red-Gate) or in-house developed
tools to troubleshoot
- Safeguard our production systems by implementing the right
security policies as well as managing the MS service pack/hotfix deployment
- Assist in the migration of SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005
and/or 2008
- Assist in the database release management process, be the
“gate-keeper” and ensure only QUALITY code is released into production
- Help troubleshoot performance problems using a variety of methods
(tracing, query optimization review, error logs, etc)
- Resolve blocking and deadlocking issues, high CPU / memory,
analyze job timeouts, ETL loader performance problems, etc
- Create and maintain database maintenance jobs (DBCC integrity
validations, index defragmentation, statistics creation/updating, error log
scraping, etc)
- Enforce our database standards, best practices, methodologies,
processes and procedures, etc
- Assist in the build out of our SQL Server Analysis Services 2005
(SSAS) OLAP databases
- Provide development and production support for complex SSIS
- Architect and implement reports within SQL Server Reporting
Services 2000/2005
- Research new technologies to enhance performance, heighten
security, ensure uptime, automate common/redundant administrative duties
- Define and maintain critical documentation including: Database
Standards, Naming Conventions, Administrative Techniques, Troubleshooting
Techniques, Processes, Rules and Regulations, Change Management, Best
Practices, etc.

Required Skills and Competencies:

Mandatory Requirements:

- An average of 5-6+ years total IT experience
- An average of 4-5+ years Database Administration (Includes
Development, QA experience)
- An average of 1-2+ years Systems / Network / Application
- Knowledge of the financial industry is preferred

Artifacts of Database Administration Experience:

- Experience with managing and implementing High Availability (HA)
solutions for SQL Server 2005 (e.g. XOSoft, Clustering)
- Experience with managing and implementing DR solutions for SQL
Server 2005 (e.g. DB Mirroring, SAN replication, etc)
- Database monitoring software (e.g. NetIQ, HP Openview, BMC,
SiteScope, etc) and advanced monitoring techniques
- Experience with VLDB’s - 100+ GB databases, hundreds of DB’s in a
highly transactional environment
- Familiar with query performance analysis, improvements and
troubleshooting performance degradation
- Familiar with the new facets of SQL Server 2005 (e.g. table
partitioning, mirroring, full-text management, indexed views, security
management, etc)
- Experience with resolving complex blocking and deadlocking issues
and automated ways of doing so
- Familiar with back-end database maintenance tasks such as
integrity validations and backup/restore management
- Experience with security as it pertains to databases
(permissions, users, roles, policies, etc)
- Experience writing comprehensive and descriptive documentation

Artifacts of Development Experience:

- Understanding of the database development lifecycle, including
database creation, table design, etc.
- Familiar with ETL tools, primarily with SSIS 2005 however
Informatica, DTS, Ab Inition, etc
- Experience supporting the development and deployment of complex
SSIS packages
- Experience with architecting and implementing reports within SQL
Server Reporting Services 2000/2005
- Experience in the management of OLAP databases, most specifically
with SSAS 2005
- Understanding of Front-End Applications and Middle-Tier Systems
(.NET, COM+, etc)
- Solid grasp of primarily T-SQL, however experience in .NET
(C#/VB) will not be discounted

Artifacts of Systems Administration Experience:

- Experience with configuring server hardware for optimal
performance, this spans CPU, RAM, Network, RAID, SAN/NAS/DAS devices
- Network Hardware and Supporting Services (Routers, Switches,
Firewalls, etc)
- Knowledgeable about operating systems (e.g. Windows 2003)
- User management systems and security administration (e.g. Active
Directory, GPO’s, Security Policies, relevancy to SQL Servers)
- Network knowledge (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, SNMP, DNS, NFS,

Candidate Characteristics:

- Impeccable verbal and written communication skills
- Highly ambitious individuals with the desire to go above and
- Detail-oriented with very strong organizational skills
- Ability to work effectively and efficiently with little or no
- Strategic, structured, and focused thinker who has strong
analytical and problem solving skills
- Highly motivated, positive and passionate about the work they do
- Extremely strong interpersonal skills
- Strong accountability and results orientation
- Highly professional demeanor with well rounded business acumen
- Ability to work and quickly react in a fast paced environment
- Ability to effectively translate technical jargon into business
terms during face to face customer interactions
- Ability to make powerful split second decisions
- Ability to perform self and team project management (prior
technical leadership roles)
- Ability to scope projects, create project plans, and manage
deliverables & deadlines
- Ability to productively multi-task


Excellent total package - Comprehensive Benefits Package
No Sponsorship Available - US Based Applicants Only - No Relocation
Available - Local Candidates only

Contact Information:

Gary Wright - President - Wright Associates
Phone - (508) 761-6354
Email - replywrightassociates AT verizon DOT net
Website - www.wrightassociates.org