Position: Sr. SQL Sever DBA

Up to $105K+ DOE + Bonus - Excellent total package

Local Candidates Only

Location: Boston, MA Area


Mid-Sized, successful, and growing Boston based global investment management company - Great Company - Lots of Upside - Excellent Compensation Package - Bonus

Position Responsibilities - Detailed:

- Manage a production environment consisting of 300+ databases, and 30 production SQL Server’s, most of which are read-intensive databases with a large data load cycle while some are OLTP-based mission critical trading systems

- Spearhead the restructuring and management of the production level backup and restore processes

- Manage HA solutions such as MS Cluster Server, XOSoft, PolyServe, SQL Replication, etc

- Manage DR solutions such as Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, Double-Take GeoCluster, SQL Replication

- Assist in the development of a GDOC (Global Database Operations Center) where our systems will be continuously monitored via 3rd party products, in-house scripts and a operational dashboard

- Manage the database security models, both in-house developed as well as Windows Auth (AD) based security. Also develop policies to restrict over-privileging and enforce it

- Provide 24×7 support to all mission critical production level systems

- Develop custom scripts to automate various database management processes (e.g. programmatically searching for non-indexed tables)

- Leverage 3rd party tools (e.g. Red-Gate) or in-house developed tools to troubleshoot

- Safeguard our production systems by implementing the right security policies as well as managing the MS service pack/hotfix deployment process

- Assist in the migration of SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 and/or 2008

- Assist in the database release management process, be the “gate-keeper” and ensure only QUALITY code is released into production

- Help troubleshoot performance problems using a variety of methods (tracing, query optimization review, error logs, etc)

- Resolve blocking and deadlocking issues, high CPU / memory, analyze job timeouts, ETL loader performance problems, etc

- Create and maintain database maintenance jobs (DBCC integrity validations, index defragmentation, statistics creation/updating, error log scraping, etc)

- Enforce our database standards, best practices, methodologies, processes and procedures, etc

- Assist in the build out of our SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 (SSAS) OLAP databases

- Provide development and production support for complex SSIS packages

- Architect and implement reports within SQL Server Reporting Services 2000/2005

- Research new technologies to enhance performance, heighten security, ensure uptime, automate common/redundant administrative duties

- Define and maintain critical documentation including: Database Standards, Naming Conventions, Administrative Techniques, Troubleshooting Techniques, Processes, Rules and Regulations, Change Management, Best Practices, etc.

Required Skills and Competencies:

Mandatory Requirements:

- An average of 5-6+ years total IT experience

- An average of 4-5+ years Database Administration (Includes Development, QA experience)

- An average of 1-2+ years Systems / Network / Application Administration

- Knowledge of the financial industry is preferred

Artifacts of Database Administration Experience:

- Experience with managing and implementing High Availability (HA) solutions for SQL Server 2005 (e.g. XOSoft, Clustering ) - Experience with managing and implementing DR solutions for SQL Server 2005 (e.g. DB Mirroring, SAN replication, etc)

- Database monitoring software (e.g. NetIQ, HP Openview, BMC, SiteScope, etc) and advanced monitoring techniques

- Experience with VLDB’s - 100+ GB databases, hundreds of DB’s in a highly transactional environment

- Familiar with query performance analysis, improvements and troubleshooting performance degradation

- Familiar with the new facets of SQL Server 2005 (e.g. table partitioning, mirroring, full-text management, indexed views, security management, etc)

- Experience with resolving complex blocking and deadlocking issues and automated ways of doing so

- Familiar with back-end database maintenance tasks such as integrity validations and backup/restore management

- Experience with security as it pertains to databases (permissions, users, roles, policies, etc)

- Experience writing comprehensive and descriptive documentation

Artifacts of Development Experience:

- Understanding of the database development lifecycle, including database creation, table design, etc.

- Familiar with ETL tools, primarily with SSIS 2005 however Informatica, DTS, Ab Inition, etc

- Experience supporting the development and deployment of complex SSIS packages

- Experience with architecting and implementing reports within SQL Server Reporting Services 2000/2005

- Experience in the management of OLAP databases, most specifically with SSAS 2005

- Understanding of Front-End Applications and Middle-Tier Systems (.NET, COM+, etc)

- Solid grasp of primarily T-SQL, however experience in .NET (C#/VB) will not be discounted

Artifacts of Systems Administration Experience:

- Experience with configuring server hardware for optimal performance, this spans CPU, RAM, Network, RAID, SAN/NAS/DAS devices

- Network Hardware and Supporting Services (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, etc)

- Knowledgeable about operating systems (e.g. Windows 2003)

- User management systems and security administration (e.g. Active Directory, GPO’s, Security Policies, relevancy to SQL Servers)

- Network knowledge (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, SNMP, DNS, NFS, CIFS, DHCP)

Candidate Characteristics:

- Impeccable verbal and written communication skills

- Highly ambitious individuals with the desire to go above and beyond

- Detail-oriented with very strong organizational skills

- Ability to work effectively and efficiently with little or no supervision

- Strategic, structured, and focused thinker who has strong analytical and problem solving skills

- Highly motivated, positive and passionate about the work they do

- Extremely strong interpersonal skills

- Strong accountability and results orientation

- Highly professional demeanor with well rounded business acumen

- Ability to work and quickly react in a fast paced environment

- Ability to effectively translate technical jargon into business terms during face to face customer interactions

- Ability to make powerful split second decisions

- Ability to perform self and team project management (prior technical leadership roles)

- Ability to scope projects, create project plans, and manage deliverables & deadlines

- Ability to productively multi-task


Up to $105K+ DOE + Bonus - Excellent total package - Comprehensive Benefits Package

No Sponsorship Available - US Based Applicants Only - No Relocation Available - Local Candidates only

Contact Information:

Gary Wright - President - Wright Associates
Phone - (508) 761-6354
Email - replywrightassociates AT verizon DOT net
Website - www.wrightassociates.org