Role: Lead hardware engineer

Lead hardware engineer responsible for development and support of world-class disk enclosures and enclosure electronics. Focus will include both disk enclosures and various controller boards enabling Enterprise
storage systems. Long-term growth opportunities may include products throughout the entire client’s product line.

Education and experience:

* Minimum of BS EE or equivalent and 5 years of experience in multiple disk enclosure design, server design or embedded system design

* Demonstrated record of taking designs from concept through successfully shipping product

* Ideal candidate would have MS EE & 7 years experience in multiple disk enclosure design, server or embedded system design, SAS and SATA adapter, enclosure, or switch design experience, SCSI and/or Fibre Channel
experience, and substantial experience working with external design- level partners/vendors (not just component vendors).

Please send your detailed resume, showing your previous experience in the
above areas to:

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