Role: QA Engineer


The QA Engineer will be primarily responsible for ensuring the quality of new product configurations for Client’s products. The QA Engineer will work closely with the development and production operations teams to identify and
qualify new hardware and firmware configurations.

The QA Engineer will develop Test Plans and Test Cases and execute tests to ensure the appliances can meet quality standards in a time-to-market sensitive environment.


Note: This position requires a UNIX background, and some core networking knowledge.

. Minimum of 5 year professional experience testing low-level code in server hardware.
. Hands - on experience with UNIX Server hardware/software testing
. Working knowledge of PC server internals; including RAID subsystems, IPMI, PCI interfaces, etc.
. Expert command of some UNIX variant, FreeBSD preferred
. Strong knowledge of networking and hardware debugging
. Working knowledge of Routing, DNS, SMTP, FTP, SSH and Telnet
. Shell and C programming experience desirable

Outstanding written and verbal communication skills. Must utilize these skills to communicate effectively across all groups in the organization

Proven track record of delivering quality in a highly available, scalable environment

Eagerness to learn new technologies/skills

Personal Characteristics:

* Independent
* Strong sense of ownership
* Assertive
* Accountable

Please send your resume with *specific* accomplishments to:
Additional opportunities at:
Operational Consulting Group