Role: Front-end Engineer

If you can see yourself .

* Joining one of the most respected tech teams in this space.
* Working as part of a small team of front-end web engineers doing innovative PHP projects
* Being recognized for your individual contributions
* Collaborating with your boss and teammates on pioneering initiatives in a fun entrepreneurial culture
* Feeling fulfilled because you’re making a difference in the blogosphere
* Working in SOMA, and.
* Making top pay

You may want to consider our Web Development Engineering role by.

* Emailing your resume to Marta Daglow at
* Writing a cover letter describing what you’ll bring to this job that sets you apart from other people.

About Us.

Technorati is recognized as the world’s leading authority on blogs and social media. Through our search and discovery tools Technorati makes it  easy to find the hottest and most relevant conversations amongst blogs and mainstream media.

We offer a combined discovery and search service that enables readers to find the most relevant content and helps bloggers attract the most receptive  audiences. We maintain one of the largest searchable indexes of hundreds of millions of blogs, blog posts, photos, videos and more. We update our  information in real time, bringing people the best of what’s happening right now on the web.

We’ve built our team by finding the most creative, passionate and talented people who have deep knowledge of the blogosphere. We provide unique and  creative career challenges, along with teammates who are equally well-prepared and committed. If you’re looking for experienced and  supportive management, a fun and healthy team atmosphere, and an outstanding opportunity where high standards are respected and contributions are  recognized, we would like to talk to you.