Position: Volunteer IT Manager
Location: San Jose, CA

Are you between jobs or have you decided to take a hiatus from the
standard, boring, repetitive high tech life?

Do you have small business IT skills and a lot of practical ability to
deal with a very low tech / low budget environment?

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles needs a part-time, volunteer
IT person (unpaid). As a board member, I try to fulfill this role but
with my current schedule, I cannot make it in person to the museum
during the work week.

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles is the oldest textile arts
museum in the country, now over 32 years old. Located at 520 South First
Street in San Jose, CA, with over 11,000 square feet of exhibit, store,
and office space, it produces first class textile art exhibitions. I
encourage everyone in the area to come see our current show which has a
water theme (very timely) and is truly spectacular. These are not your
traditional quilts.

Behind the scenes, the IT side is not as robust as the artistic side.
There are 6 employees, full-time and part-time, plus many volunteers, a
handful of whom have computer accounts. There is very little budget - I
pay for all software myself using places like Tech Soup - and the staff
is very, very non-technical.

After an initial ramping period, I would estimate that this role would
require 2-10 hours during the work week and some ability to respond to

Basic items are:
- Getting new people set up
- Making hardware, software, and service recommendations
- Working on the budgets for IT
- Assuring backups and security controls are in place
- General technical assistance with basic tools
- Building an IT handbook for both employees and administrators (do’s,
don’ts, how to’s, policies)
- Figure out how to best facilitate remote work and collaboration (part
of the above)

In addition, if you are ambitious, there is a practically limitless list
of other IT and computing areas that are ripe for the picking:
- Getting our wonderful collection digitized and on line
- Integrating technology into the daily mission of the museum
- Assist with the build out of the museum into the second floor office

- Small business / advanced home network IT skills
- Microsoft server and desktop products (a little bit of Mac)
- Ability to deal with highly non-technical users
- Practical problem solving in a highly constrained environment (budget)

Must be local to the general San Jose area and willing to work on site.

This is an unpaid position. You will be able to deduct your mileage on
your taxes and any in-kind donations that you make to the museum.

Susan Bickford
s DOT bickford DOT comcast DOT net