We are a small software development team making very high quality software that accelerates the development, analysis and adoption of molecular diagnostic assays on a revolutionary medical device that runs many tests at once.

We are seeking a highly talented developer to contribute to graphical interfaces and related software for collecting and visualizing datafrom our DNA detection instrument. The software will be used to entersample information, develop assays, automate experimental procedures,and present clinical results. Software development will be conducted using formal quality assurance procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.

Role: Senior Software Developer for Medical Instrument

Qualifications include the following:
*Experience or skills equivalent to a least four year of Java programming
*Experience with AJAX web development technologies
*Experience in developing databases for high reliability systems
*Background or experience in scientific programming, particularly in molecular biology, chemistry or medicine
*Education or experience in bioinformatics, data visualization or laboratory automation.
*Cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration skills.

About PrimeraDx:
PrimeraDx is developing the first multiplex quantitative PCR – allowingmultiple assays for the same time and cost as a single assay. Primerais developing new technology that can deliver more information forphysicians, decrease costs for labs, and enhance patient care byincreasing the chances of early detection of disease. Founded in 2004,PrimeraDx is a privately held firm based in Mansfield, Massachusetts.