The Company:
Technorati is the recognized authority on blogs and social media. Through our search and discovery tools Technorati makes it easy to find the hottest and most relevant conversations amongst blogs and main stream media. We offer a combined discovery and search service that enables readers to find the most relevant content and for bloggers to find the most receptive audiences. We maintain one of the largest searchable indexes of hundreds of millions of blogs, blog posts, photos, videos and more. We update our information in real time bringing the best of what’s happening right now on the web to people.
We’ve built our team by finding the most creative, passionate and talented people with deep knowledge of the blogosphere. We provide unique and creative career challenges, and other employees who are equally committed. If you’re looking for experienced and supportive management, a fun and healthy team atmosphere, and an outstanding opportunity where high standard are respected and contributions are recognized, we would like to talk to you.

Role: Entry Web Developer or Web Developer

1) Building a custom MVC framework:
The web development team has the responsibility of maintaining a large application with millions of users while building new features and improving existing features. We approach this challenge by migrating our existing application incrementally toward a modern MVC framework.

2) Interacting with an extremely rich dataset through a multifaceted data access interface Technorati runs on far more than a simple database-backed website. With entire teams devoted to different parts of our data infrastructure, the web team interfaces with that data through multiple means. We use asynchronous file generation/access, internal REST interfaces, web APIs, and the occasional, classic database.

Requirement: We are looking for a top Entry Web Developer or Web Developer with a few years of experience to join our experienced them. Here is a bit more about innovative ways that we are working with PHP. If you can advise us about user groups or other ways to reach out to the PHP community, please let us know.

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