Position: Solaris Networking/kernel contract available - RTP area
Location: RTP area

Folks, A friend of mine is VP, Engineering at a startup called BlueStripe (bluestripe.com). They’re looking for a Solaris kernel/networking person for a contract. Here’s his commentary:

We’re taking our agent technologies to older Solaris because, damn it, the stuff just won’t die in the market. I’d congratulate you for that, if it wasn’t such a pain in my ass.

The contract work we need is for someone who is intimately familiar with the internals of the Solaris kernel - specifically the networking stack. Our agent monitors the protocol stack (very near the user-space API) as well as process creation/destruction. We deploy our agent as both kernel module and user-space service, so what the kernel module doesn’t provide (e.g., commodity metrics, /proc stats, etc.), we get from user-space. We currently have Sol10 support via dTrace, but the library is having some significant scaling problems, so we’re moving to a native kernel module, hopefully taking the new 8/9 module and making it work in 10 as well. My gut says the protocol stack hasn’t changed much since 8, but it seems like threading changes may be an issue.

I don’t have a formal req written up for this, but the paragraph above is probably good enough to get the right people interested.


You’re welcome to contact Shane directly at
careers AT bluestripe DOT com

BlueStripe is also looking for QA folks. See