We are a private, well-financed company in Silicon Valley. We are looking for an exceptionally strong software engineer to drive the design, implementation and maintenance of our client’s search/indexing engine. If you think that you are the right person, then come join us.

Role: Principal engineer: For Solid Pre-IPO company

Required Skills and Competencies:
*The right candidate should have significant experience in writing high performance C/C++ code that interacts with the system at low levels.
*Candidate should be proficient in C/C++ and Linux, and have deep understanding and experience in building multi-threaded, highly concurrent software systems.
*Candidate should have solid understanding of algorithm complexity, parallel/ distributed systems,and advanced data structures.

Primary job requirements:
* 6+ years experience developing highly concurrent and scalable software components
* Bachelors/Masters degree in computer science
* Solid understanding of algorithm complexity, parallel/distributed systems, advanced data structures
* Solid experiences in programming in C and C++
* Understand mechanisms and trade offs to implement large application in multi-thread and multi-process modes
* Ability to work independently and pro-actively with limited supervision

Primary job responsibilities:
* Develop reliable and scalable software components that can deal with huge amounts of data in real time
* Work closely with product management and engineering translating product requirements into detailed design and implementation

Submit your detailed resume to: hank@ocgrp.com