Position: Hardware Verification Engineer , Silicon Valley
Location: Silicon Valley

Hardware Verification Engineer

Our client is a well-funded Storage startup

They are looking for someone who is a sharp, flexible, hard - working,
knowledgeable team player with excellent communication skills to make their
leading - edge enterprise storage products functional, manufacturable,
serviceable, and easy to diagnose

Experience with scripting is important (See Requirements, below)

- Conduct validation activities on selected hardware

- Write the SOFTWARE SCRIPTS to exercise all key components & at the fully
configured system levels

- Configure the HW as needed

- Run tests & document results

- Help to identify & overcome any issues discovered

- Support regulatory compliance activities on the selected HW

- Ensure that manufacturing will have adequate exercisers & diagnostics to
ensure high quality systems exiting the factory

- Work with manufacturing to train personnel & support them

- Collaborate with manufacturing to train personnel to take ownership of
tools created by development for manufacturing use

- A minimum of 5 years experience as a HW Verification Engineer, 10 plus
years is desirable

- Previous experience in writing HW validation software/scripts for at least
one system that went to production

- Wrote/maintained production test software/scripts for at least one system
that went to production

- Tested/validated at least one component card type (NIC/HBA/HCA…)

- Working knowledge of SES

- Ability to write & modify scripts (eg: csh, bash, ksh, perl)

- Understanding, judgment and willingness to stand up and say “enough” or

- Detailed knowledge of at least one variant of nix

- Able to work in a HW lab

- Detailed familiarity with at least a few exercisers/test scripts for: CPU,
memory, BMC, Ethernet NIC, FC HBA

- Does not require extensive support system

- Interest in enhancing & ensuring quality of the end product systems &
product ecosystem (not just dev, but mfg & service too)

Desired Skills:
Worked on an enterprise storage system (eg NetApp, EMC, Data Domain)

- Experience with remote hardware service

- Detailed familiarity with more exercisers/test scripts for: CPU, Memory,
BMC, Ethernet NIC, FC HBA, SAS HBA, SAS Expanders- SES, Serial port, USB

- Ability to write C programs to exercise system components & systems

- Detailed knowledge of Open Solaris (or Solaris)

- Experience working in a start up environment

- C++, perl


Contact Information:
If you have the skills identified above, please provide a *detailed* resume
that clearly shows that experience
Send as a Word document to: hank AT ocgrp DOT com
For more on our business, please see: