Position: Technical-Marketing Evangelist job at San Jose, CA
Location: San Jose, CA

Busch International seeks a Technical-Marketing Evangelist.
This is a true VP or SVP level role.

Our client is a leading supplier of highly programmable semiconductor
products that are used for intelligent flow processing in network and
communications devices. Their solutions include tightly integrated network
flow processors and acceleration cards that scale to more than 20 Gbps. They
are used in carrier-grade and enterprise-class communications products, as well as virtualized servers and appliances that require deep packet
inspection, flow analysis and content processing, all at very high speeds
for millions of simultaneous flow. The company is headquartered in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with core operations in San Jose, California and
Boxborough, Massachusetts, and international operations in the United
Kingdom, China and South Africa

Key Job Responsibilities:
- Proselytize the vision that integrates emerging data center base
technology trends (virtualization, work flows, intelligent I/O, security,
unified management) with emerging network applications (cloud computing,
- Ensure that the vision can be implemented in the required market window.
- Establish our client as a hot company with sizzling technology solutions
for emerging market opportunities.

External Focus:
- Be an industry expert, highly regarded by the technical community,
representing our client at the leading industry forums.

It is likely that the successful candidate will have been a highly regarded
contributing member of established forums such as:
- IETF (Internet Engineer Task Force)
- IAB (Internet Architecture Board)
- NPF (Network Processor Forum)
- OIF (Optical Interworking Forum)

Latterly, the successful candidate is likely to have established an industry
expert reputation at forums such as:
- ANCS (Architectures for networking and communications systems)
- OpenSwitch.org
- CCIF (Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum)
- DataCenterPulse.org

- Ability to charismatically present technical papers at conferences like
³Hot Chips² or ³The Linley Group². Lead and participate in discussion/
question and answer sessions as required.
- Author a industry blog, books and technical white papers
- Able to sell new ideas, convincingly and persuasively.

Internal Focus:
- Aid the management team to rapidly exploit new opportunities with
innovative products,
- Identify key differentiating features for rapid growth.
- The position focus will be heavily biased toward the external.

For further information please send your resume attention to
olga AT buschint DOT com.