Position: Firmware Engineer
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Senior Systems Design Engineer - Santa Clara, CA

Synaptics, the world leader in human interface solutions for portable electronic devices, invites qualified applicants to apply for a career opportunity as a Senior Systems Design Engineer for our technology development group. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with great creativity combined with a strong systems level engineering background.

Our Senior Systems Design Engineer will be responsible for contributing to the development of fundamental technologies for Synaptics’ future growth. Systems design engineers play a critical role in fostering innovation within Synaptics by combining their talents with a team of highly skilled technical contributors to successfully complete technology and platform development projects. Such projects are typically focused on the creation of new core-technologies rather than the development of specific products.  As such, this person needs strong and diverse engineering skills. He or she gets to be part of a team that works on projects that are often very multi-disciplinary in nature.  Projects may involve combinations of disciplines such as electronics, physics, software, mathematics, materials, optics, and mechanics. Challenges often faced in such projects are reconciling real-world observations and data with analytic predictions.

The ideal candidate possesses a very broad and diverse set of skills.  Electrical engineering and software skills are essential.  However, our ideal candidate will also be able to tackle a variety of other tasks, some of which are very much hands-on, such as construction of entire prototypes, machining fixtures, selecting and using materials and adhesives, etc. Having electromechanical skills is very beneficial. On the electrical engineering side, we are looking for someone who is comfortable in both the analog and digital domains. Being versed in the use of tools such as Matlab, Simulink, Labview, Spice, Verilog, VerilogA, etc. is desirable. The job involves a mix of theory and practice: hands-on EE skills are required (i.e. getting your hands dirty in the lab).

We are seeking a team-oriented individual with a positive attitude and excellent problem solving skills, self-driven with keen technical mind and an eye for detail.  As mentioned, we have desire to bring someone on board who has broad general skills and can approach problems at an overall systems level.  Our candidate will have a track record of successfully completing technically large and complex projects.  He or she must be effective in a fast-paced, highly technical R&D environment.  As we are looking for an experienced and seasoned individual, a history of leading teams is desirable.

Summary of Minimum Requirements

- Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or science (advanced degrees are desirable)
- Minimum 7 years of relevant experience
- Experience in most of the following areas:
- Analog and digital circuit and system design
- Analog and digital systems modeling, analysis, simulation and verification
- Signal processing
- Computer, microcontroller and FPGA programming
- Hands-on construction and test of electronic systems
- Circuit prototyping and debugging
- Board level design and bring-up
- Construction of functional prototypes including mechanical aspects
- Broad technical expertise is essential!
- Ability and willingness to develop and grow in the above technical areas
- Demonstrated ability to successfully complete complex R&D technology projects
- Ability to work in a fast-paced R&D department with technology-oriented deliverables
- Attention to detail!

Contact Information:

Eric Rydingsword, Recruiter
Talent Acquisition Team

Synaptics, Inc.
eric DOT rydingsword AT synaptics DOT com