Position: Technical Consultants and Application Engineers
Location: across the US and Europe

A number of years ago I was the Sun alliance manager to MSC Software ( www.mscsoftware.com ), and have a good friend there who will be happy to drive referrals.

Check out their job postings at:

Just click SEARCH, as this page comes up, to see ALL 22 WW postings.

There are about 17 postings for Technical Consultants and Application Engineers, across the US and Europe. They may be a good fit for x-Sun SEs, especially those with an HPC background. Also, 2 Product Management (Santa Anna or Sunnyvale), and 3 Development Engineer positions (Santa Anna).

Just e-mail me your Linkedin URL and I’ll forward to my friend, cc’ing you.  You can then follow up with him, providing your resume and cover letter.

John McGuigan
j.t.mcguigan AT gmail DOT com