Position: Java Web Architect & Ruby Frontend Engineers jobs in DCG

DCG is working with a startup in the city and we are looking for top quality Ruby on Rails
Frontend Engineers and a Web Architect to launch the company.  The good news is:
- Both co-founders started up a company that was later sold to Microsoft.
- Both co-founders come from top schools and are amazing computer scientists.
- Both co-founders are already being courted by VCs and Angel Investors.
- The company will be deciding what VC and/or Angel Investor to work with in the coming month.
- The pay is outstanding and competitive (also included is equity).

If you are smart, set yourself apart in the latest technologies and want to make a difference, read on. Initial openings are for a Java Web Architect & Ruby Frontend Engineers and we will be hiring more.

We are moving very quickly here, so please know that you will receive a response within 24 hours of receiving your resume.
Resumes to:  mdaglow AT daglowconsulting DOT com